Lifestyle of some journals such as the New York times and the Wall Street journal mainly exist to explain the rich live and what they can do the rest of us can't. So it should be expected, their articles like a concierge service, rich university students who will not bother to organize their own bad ass party.
El Salvador Neme need some help, and fast.
The 22-year-old babson college junior last party was thrown in his Boston apartment and want to add some special touches.
Why didn't the party store stock caviar fountain? This country is nonsense!
So college students rang his personal assistant.
"I don't know where to start," says Mr, he decided, Neme authentic mariachi band is suitable for his Mexican independence day party. "Mariachis was hard to find," said Mexico City land.
Don't worry about it. At $300 a month, have unlimited access to Mr Neme seven full-time staff of university of Boston consulting group, a local concierge company, to help today's rich student life as privileged young choppy golden age. BCCG help customers find and decorate apartment, academic counseling, obstacle coveted restaurant reservations and deal with a series of other unpleasant chores.

I don't know where to start


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